Adroit expands its offer with full Data Management capability

We are continuing to expand our offer with the arrival of Lee Thelwall to head up the Data Management section, offering data processing and cleansing capabilities to our growing client base.  Lee previously developed this area for Talking Numbers, and has over 15 years experience in delivering data and campaigns for blue-chip clients.

Nigel Magson, MD of Adroit, commented “It’s great to have someone of Lee’s experience and capability on board for Adroit.  Good data management and data accuracy is the basis for all great insight and delivering successful campaigns. It isn’t about just pressing buttons, you need to review data and its origins prior to processing, and adjust accordingly to get the best results.  Lee is so knowledgeable in this area. We are now looking forward to offering intelligent data management to our clients.”

Lee will be using The Software Bureau product Cygnus.  David Murray of The Software Bureau comments, “Lee is one of the best operators of Cygnus in the UK, and supported the product’s development over many years.  We are delighted to welcome Adroit as a client and user of the product.”

See our Data Management page for more info, but in summary we will now be providing:

  • Name standardisation
  • Address standardisation and PAF validation
  • De-duplication (multi-level, tailored)
  • Suppressions (Preference/ Bereavement/ GoneAway: MPS, TPS, FPS, TBR, MS, USS, ESF, GAS, NCOA)
  • Phone/email verification and append
  • Sortation (Mailsort etc.)