Not one, but TWO FastStats Accredited Trainers!

What is a FastStats Accredited Trainer?

It could be misinterpreted


  1. Fast credited trainers: Trainers that you buy with a credit card or quick loan. Can leave you in debt but hopefully you’ll learn from it. May be comfy for a bit but will wear out in a couple of years if you use them every day.
  2. FastStats Accredited Trainers: People who have been deemed competent to teach the use of FastStats. Can leave you indebted to them because you’ll learn a lot about it. Will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling and will make you more comfortable to use FastStats especially if you’re to be using it every day.

It is of course option 2. For further clarity on this, there are some photos at the bottom to help.

Adroit’s David Dipple and Jonathon Moore have both just passed their reassessments for FastStats Accreditation at Apteco’s headquarters in Warwick. This means they can come to your office to teach you and your colleagues FastStats Discoverer to Advanced Level and they enjoy doing it too!

In Apteco’s own words: “FastStats Discoverer provides a unique combination of speed and power for data exploration, data mining analysis and customer understanding with the option to add extra modules for additional campaign management and data modelling functionality.” We consider it to be an Insight-led, and NOT IT-led, piece of software that is so intuitive and interactive that it can be used by marketers as well as analysts.

We have the capability and experience to not only teach the use of the software, but also in the initial system set-up. So why not get in touch?

Figure 1 – A fast credited trainer


Figure 2 – A FastStats Accredited Trainer

David Dipple

 Figure 3 – Another FastStats Accredited Trainer



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