David and Goliath Moments

Database Marketing Awards

Data Provider B2C_Experian web

The Database Marketing Awards for 2013 were on Tuesday, and we were delighted to take 8 of our clients along to mix with the rest of the data services  industry.

Yes, the industry is really a small club with a range of players from the extremes of a £billion business such as Experian to one man bands.   Somewhere in between these two extremes and as a reseller of Experian services, having most recently used their fashion segmentation (aptly and sartorially put) I was delighted to award Experian with award for B2C Provider of the Year.

Whilst we were delighted to be shortlisted ourselves for the Marketing Services Provider of the Year, we will need to gain more recognition to gain this accolade.  We all like to win awards, but clients will note with interest that the industry is competitive and full of genuinely talented people coming up with innovative applications of data.  So the real value comes from  showcasing great best practice and pulling the industry together for an annual event. Well done to the team at Database Marketing.

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