Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment Solutions

Fancy Some Data? …. Data is in our name (and probably blood). It is a vital component of most businesses and helps support organisations acquisition, CRM and communications activities.

So want to enrich your customer data?

We have helped over 50 organisations in the last 2 years mine their data to find out more about their customers. And we naturally start with an organisations own data, but sometimes it is useful to add other data – from dates of birth, to home ownership, council tax band, to income and wealth indicators. Of course knowing which data counts and adds something to your targeting and marketing is key – and we can help work this out for you.

In the B2B world we are able to tap into Marketscan’s UK business universe, amongst a number of great sources. There are lots of information sources available. And Adroit has great experience on which data to append and where to get it. We have some great if not (unbeatable) rates, so do try us.

Want to acquire new customers at good CPAs?

On acquisition we work with some great providers to source powerful data. One recent email campaign for a consumer retail product aimed at a home grooming product for ladies generated over 17% open rate and over 12% click through, beyond expectation and outperforming other sources. We are able to source live/lead generation data for retailers, insurers, utilities and charities, which coupled with our modelling capabilities is helping to top their charts for responsiveness.

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