Training is old school, or is it?

In an ideal world your database would be so user friendly, easily navigable and procedures clear and robust that training would be a thing of the past. Many software suppliers are now unswervingly confident that their user interface is utterly intuitive that they don’t even offer training to those pressing the keys anymore. Others rely on you reading through their beautifully illustrated .pdf downloadable from their online service centre or watching badly recorded YouTube videos. But is this enough?

Unfortunately not. Software today is so customisable that even the simplest of systems relies on clear structures, procedures and training. CRM software rarely falls into the ‘simple’ category and so ongoing training is an absolute necessity.

raisers edge training
Raiser’s Edge Training

Getting to grips with large CRMs is no easy task and often internal resources restrict the depth of training required often meaning that training is done person to person, team by team in an organisational game of Chinese whispers. This is the quick way for the data to lose its meaning and integrity. Within a short space of time you may find that selections, suppressions and reporting is suddenly not looking as they did and that each of your staff have a different understanding of where or worse, whether, they should record something.

Make sure you are future-proofed for fundraising by investing in your knowledge. Adroit Data & Insight run bespoke group and individual Raiser’s Edge training sessions for your team to ensure they are never left wondering if they were supposed to record that supporter communication. For more information and course content please contact Kevin @

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