Adroit and The Children’s Society finalists for Best Use of FastStats awards

Finalists for Best Use of FastStats Awards

“All of this was unimaginable before implementation of FastStats” so said Raj Rajukumar, Director Supporter Relationship Management at The Children’s Society (TCS). Now Adroit and TCS have been shortlisted as finalists for the best use of FastStats at the imminent awards next week.


Best Use of FastStats awards 2014: finalist
Best Use of FastStats awards 2014: finalist

In November 2013 The Children’s Society (TCS) embarked on a journey with Adroit to design and implement a FastStats system to streamline the campaign selections process and free up time for interrogative analysis. This analysis will then allow fundraisers to develop better targeted campaigns, resulting in stronger long-term mutually beneficial relationships with supporters.  If you’re booked to attend, you can find out more at the Awards next Friday – there will be a networking session beforehand, where you can ask Ross Swain from Adroit, and Raj Rajukumar from TCS, all about the FastStats implementation.

In the short time since the implementation, there have been some unprecedented results:

  • This innovative FastStats design has delivered significant process gains, driving down the time needed for campaign selection by well over 50%, freeing up the data team to concentrate on delivering key actionable insights to the fundraising teams.
  • This clever design has also removed the need to carry out the most complex selections within SQL, thus removing the reliance on a small number of individuals, whilst lowering the skills requirement to produce these selections.
  • Control of the strategic supporter roles definitions has been handed back to the fundraisers, as they can now easily update, understand and maintain the supporter roles.
  • The FastStats system has delivered a solid platform from which to deliver key analytical insights. The creative use of FastStats & Excelsior in developing the interactive supporter profiling tools has already delivered key understandings back to the marketing teams, and is shaping effective cross-selling strategies.
  • The data team can now develop stronger relationships with fundraisers, enabling a real focus on internal customer service. This has dramatically improved the reputation of a team that had previously experienced low satisfaction scores.
  • The inherent stability in the data structures brought on by FastStats has given assurance to trustees and senior leaders who previously viewed our ability to undertake database driven fundraising as a serious business risk. Transforming the data team so spectacularly in such a short space of time has been a cause of much celebration and relief.

Raj commented on the implementation: “Adroit have been adept in turning round projects to very tight timescales – both on the technical implementation of FastStats and the delivery of innovative, user-friendly and flexible Excelsior reports for fundraisers.  TCS will be building on this success by developing a dynamic Excelsior driven income forecasting tool to sharpen the budgeting of regular giving income (a significant revenue stream).  This will capitalise on newly discovered insights that FastStats has enabled the data team to unearth. We will also harness the modelling module in producing legacy propensity models and innovative targeting approaches that will drive up future legacies and boost campaign responses.   All of this was unimaginable before implementation of FastStats.”


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