R as in BeaRd…PSPP as in pst…open source stats software packages

R screenshot

Open source stats software packages

The hypothesis was ” Are statisticians more likely to have beards?”.  Analysis concluded that in Movember there is an increased likelihood, according to the ZZ top statistical test.  Adroit’s hirsute Jonathon Moore & David Dipple both spoke recently at the INSIGHT SIG Conference at Amnesty International on the topic of open source statistical software, in particular focusing on R and PSPP.

R in fact is not an exclamation of  agreement from a pirate, but a powerful free statistical package for manipulating, analysing, summarising and visualising data. It is open source and cross platform, although somewhat difficult to find using google.  R can be used in conjunction with FastStats.

PSPP is similarly an open source package, not to be confused with IBM’s SPSS.  It is worth noting that for SPSS users, SPSS syntax can be run in PSPP with minor changes. To get the most out of PSPP – the user must use the syntax.

You can access their assessment and presents in due course via the SIG website, or of course contact them here at Adroit.

The team use both packages in conjunction with different Business Intelligence technologies and to develop analytical and customer insights.

Their conclusion to an appreciative audience was that the stats packages were that “PSPP and R bring together the best of both worlds and are an excellent pair of free stats packages that would grace the computer of any good analyst”.  

We can also let you know that as it is now December one of them has cancelled his application for the local Santa’s grotto.

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