5 Tips for Effective Calls to Action (CTA)

A Call To Action (CTA) is an instruction to an audience to provoke an immediate desired response which encourages a sale. A CTA is an important step not to be overlooked as it can be vital in feeding the sales funnel in some way. To put this into context, the more time taken in making the CTA step as best as it can be can ultimately lead to more sales.

Here are 5 tips for effective Calls To Action (CTA)

Use lengths of time in your CTA. Phrases such as, “try today”, “book now” to give a sense of immediacy as well as how easy the action will be.

Figures (including pricing) make the action explicit for the user and proves more successful in testing according to HubSpot.

The CTA needs to be very precise. Tell the user what they need to do and how to do it. For instance, tell them to “click here” or “sign up now”.

Use the conventional “clickable” conventions:

  • Text links should be blue and underlined.
  • Buttons should be 3D to mirror buttons on the web.
  • The default cursor should change to a hand when you hover over buttons or links.

Contrasting colours entice the user to the action in question. For example, a red CTA button on a blue background.

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