Digital Marketing Journey – Apprentice to Assistant

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Chloe's Digital Marketing Apprenticeship story

Digital Marketing Assistant Chloe

I have recently started working with Adroit after signing off my final modules as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. Although I still have a few things to complete before I receive certification, I managed to bag myself an interview as a Digital Marketing Assistant, after only a few job applications. This proves how invaluable my experience alone has been!

I didn’t want to go to University as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to “throw money down the drain” and pursue something I might not feel the same about in a few years’ time. Instead, I started looking for jobs in sectors I thought I’d enjoy such as Journalism,  Digital Marketing and Business. However, because I had no experience on my CV, it was almost impossible to get in front of an employer.

Then I found Apprenticeships. Truthfully, I had no idea what an Apprenticeship was. Every time I looked at job descriptions in this sector, they were completely different. I didn’t quite realise how broad Digital Marketing was until I started doing it myself.

No Digital Marketing experience? No problem!

Equipped with social media knowledge, enthusiasm and a personal blog, I threw together a CV and applied for numerous Digital Marketing Apprenticeships. To begin with, I had little luck with interviews until I changed the format of my CV to stand out more. Finally, all the interviews seemed to come at once and I had a few placements to choose from.

Screenshot of Chloe's Digital Marketing CV

As an Apprentice I built up so much confidence and eventually surpassed my previous team’s knowledge in Digital. From my peers, classwork and online training sourced by myself, I had creative control over social media content, website content and optimisation. I created my own workload and sourced training when something went beyond my knowledge. Although I had a lot of knowledge, it was specific to the sector I was working in and I wanted to learn more. Therefore, I joined the excellent Digital Team at Adroit and still get to undertake training to improve my digital knowledge and skills.

Fantastic working relationships are the key to success. I understand how valuable it is to ask questions and seek new ideas from my peers. Digital Marketing is more than just social media. There are so many avenues to explore and as human attention spans constantly change, the digital world adapts too. No two days are the same!

Future plans in Digital Marketing

I am very passionate about Digital Marketing and feel fortunate to be included in this sector. I am excited to develop my career and understanding and get to grips with Social Listening (something I didn’t know about before starting this role).

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