Exploring Online Alternatives

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An exploration into the world of online alternatives, some of which have had a real boost by the pandemic. Will you be switching over?

Alternative Search Engine: Ecosia VS Google Search

Do you want to feel like your search history is doing more good than harm? Well now you can with these alternative browsers!

Ecosia is a search engine that uses the revenue from it’s ads to plant trees. As I am writing this it is ticking along telling me it has contributed to the planting of 120,730,230…1…2…3… trees.

Yahoo! powered searches may not return as many results. The same can be said for Bing algorithms, which are widely thought not to be as sophisticated as those of Google. On the other hand, you’ll feel so righteous hitting that  🔍 button. Apparently they also pay their fair share in taxes 😇

Ecosia Screenshot - alternative browser

Alternative Shopping: Bookshop.org VS Amazon

Setup only 6 weeks before the pandemic, this online bookstore was predicted a gradual growth. However, when Coronavirus hit suddenly all physical bookshops were forced to close their doors. The obvious answer was to head to Amazon, but this little disruptor had other ideas.

Launched in the UK in November 2020, Bookshop.org has raised £1m in profit for independent bookstores. Bookshop.org achieved over 200,000 customers within the first four months.

Furthermore, it works by allowing bookstores to register for free and setup their own website to sell books from. The users who sign up can choose to buy from a specific shop, meaning that the selected shop will gain all of the profit. The main bookshop.org website shares profits in a pool of funds between all of the independent book shops that have registered.

Bookshop.org Screenshot - alternative browsers

Many bookshops do not have the resource or technical know how to setup an ecommerce website, so this is a great way for them to keep trading. So now there is no excuse, you can buy online, and your local bookshop can still benefit.

Physical Charity Shops VS Online Charity Shops - Thrift+

So during the many lockdowns we have encountered, you’ve found the time to sort out your old clothes, maybe you went on a health kick with your daily exercise and your favourite Alexa Chung jeans are too big! But the charity shops aren’t open – do you sell on Depop or Ebay? No! You can still donate via Thrift+.

It’s like an online second hand version of TKMaxx. You send them your stuff and they list it and split the profits between themselves, the seller and a chosen charity.

Thrift+ screenshot

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