How to target new customers? Audience Intelligence

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to get heard amongst the online noise. We use Audience Intelligence tools to find the types of people you could target. Additionally, it is possible to understand your existing customers better and build personalised campaigns.

Ultimately, correctly targeted audiences should increase your business ROI.

Who are the customers you want to target?

There are 4 types of audience segmentation, included with Audience Intelligence:

Choosing an audience in relation to their age, race, religion, gender, family, ethnicity, income and education.

The customer’s values, desires, goals, interests and lifestyle choices. Social and Search Listening are great tools for finding out this type of information!

Literally, where do you think your audience are based? This segmentation type works well for small, local businesses.

Finally, what content are your audience enjoing at the moment? This information is based off user actions and behaviours. People are more likely to engage with something if they relate to it.

Select a tone of voice

As mentioned before, there is a challenge to be seen or heard online with a growing number of users. Your company’s tone of voice plays a vital role in bringing you customers.

Moreover, how do you want your messages to be perceived? Here are some examples:

  1. Friendly
  2. Assertive
  3. Aggressive

Finding appealing content with Audience Intelligence

The goal is to build a loyal customer base that will eventually become advocates for your brand. ‘Brand advocates are 50% more likely to influence a purchase’ – Sharespring

Once you have received the all-important opt-in, you’ll need to keep the conversation going. However, you don’t want to be pushy! Sending an email everyday could land you in the junk folder, or even lead to an unsubscribe. Therefore, to avoid becoming an email enemy – it is vital to let your audience know that you plan to contact them via email at the opt-in stage.

Furthermore, you’ll want to appear active and present to your customers. So, keeping the website and social media content fresh is an important factor. Social Media presence could be in the form of education, customer service, announcements and more. This content will help build your company credibility.

It is possible to use Audience Intelligence tools to help curate relevant content so you don’t dry up on content.

Get started with Audience Intelligence

Our Audience Intelligence technology uncovers over 175 characteristics of your existing and potential audiences. These insights can be used to create more relevant and engaging campaigns. “91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.” – Forbes (2020)

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