5 Advantages of using an agency for Social Media

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes

We are busting the myth that hiring an agency is more expensive than hiring an employee to manage your social media. This is far from the truth! You can potentially hire an entire agency of multiple employees with a range of expertise and skills for less than one social media specialist. One in-house employee is unlikely to have the same number of diverse skills.

1. Social Media Time Management

If you want a quick turnaround with a newsjacking post on the day or have a crisis, an agency will have someone to help. In contrast, your employee or team may be on holiday or too busy with other commitments. By using an agency, we schedule your posts in advance to ensure enough time for approval. By freeing up more time, we can help you focus on the results and improve your campaign strategy.

2. Cost Effective

As well as being cost-effective by gaining many employees with hiring one agency, you also benefit from all the tools they have, which could be too costly for your organisation. Your campaigns could be seasonal, so hiring an agency on a campaign basis can be cost-effective and efficient. Whereas if you have a full-time employee, they may have little work in the downtime, which isn’t the most efficient way of allocating resource and budget.

3. Expertise

In our case, we have specialists in Digital Research, Social Media Management, Analytics and Strategy that can all work on meeting your goals. Where we work with multiple clients and various campaigns, we can offer advice on successful campaign strategy.

4. Unbiased

As an agency, we are external to your business, meaning fewer politics involved in decision-making. Therefore, allowing us to amend and offer suggestions on post content and strategy objectively.

5. Evidence-based/Data Driven

Many agencies have big budgets for modern tools as it is more of a necessity for agencies than businesses. We pride ourselves on being a data-driven agency and adopt the highest-ranking tools in Social Listening, Online Monitoring, Search insights and Audience analysis. We use our tools and expertise to ensure you are producing the right content at the right time for the right audience. Data-driven campaigns increase ROI and are significantly more successful (Wordstream, 2021).

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