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As supermarkets became our only escape from the house, toilet roll became scarce, and societies perception of keyworkers adapted – getting online was the only option for some businesses. In 2020, many lost their jobs due to COVID. Therefore, we’re keen to investigate whether people’s buying habits changed with the COVID crisis. Did we stop buying ‘nice to haves’ to afford the essentials or, with boredom on the rise did we succumb to online shopping?

Consequently, 2020 was a whirlwind. Something leapt out on every corner. In some ways, the only consistency was the overhanging pandemic. We have looked into some of the most searched topics during 2020 and showcase how important Search Listening insights are for brands moving forward.

Top 10 Searches in 2020

  • Coronavirus
  • US Election
  • Caroline Flack
  • Coronavirus Symptoms
  • Coronavirus Update
  • Premier League
  • Boris Johnson
  • Eat Out to Help Out
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Kim Jong-un
Searching Internet and putting card details in

Why is this relevant to Search Listening?

Many brands lost touch with their customers during the lockdown. It wasn’t possible to monitor usual buying habits in-store; therefore, if a brand didn’t have an online presence, they were at risk of losing their customer base and becoming another faceless brand.

Using Search Listening, we can civ through the latest trends and conversations online. Brands who lost touch with their customers through traditional marketing methods can re-learn what is important to their key audiences and adapt their services/products to this. For example, as outside was no longer an option, people were keen to expand their delivery services.

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The delivery sector was booming, with these keywords in the top 10:

  1. Afternoon tea delivery
  2. Wine delivery
  3. Compost delivery
  4. Milk delivery
  5. Fruit and veg delivery
  6. Paint delivery
  7. Supermarket delivery
  8. Birthday cake delivery
  9. Garden centre delivery
  10. Meat Delivery
Delivery Service top 5 searches 2020

What can I do with Search Listening?

If you know the demand is there, it’s more justified to put your resources behind it. If you were a wine merchant losing sales in 2020, you might not have thought about offering a delivery service. It’s easy to waste precious time coming up with a cracking campaign, but with Search Listening tools – the answer is right there. Know exactly what your audience are looking for.

Furthermore, the pandemic is a little out of the ordinary; however, Search Listening can be used for all brands, all year round. Content is at your fingertips! Moreover, is possible to intervene in the conversations online surrounding your brand/product on forums, blogs and social media. You can spot gaps in the market, have an overview of the types of conversation surrounding your brand/products, and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Additionally, it is possible to curate content when you know what your audience are searching for.

Your thoughts

What do you envision the search trends for 2021 to be?

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