How to Segment and Target Online Audiences

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Audience Analysis & Targeting Packs

We use Artificial Intelligence to reveal over 175 characteristics of your existing and potential audiences from various tools and data sources.

Audience Insights are precious, so we have made these insights easy to fix into your campaigns with targeting packs. These insights can save money on paid advertising. Targeting audiences in the right place at the right time can increase your ROI.

It is also possible to reduce spend on organic campaigns. You can have multiple creatives to target specific segments, which increases the longevity of the posts.

Please find out more about Audience Analysis from our dedicated page.

Audience Insights


  • Insights surrounding individuals who talk about your brand/product/industry
  • Identify the sites and channels your audience use to inform your advertising strategy
  • Evidence-based, which increases ROI


  • Insights on the competitors audience
  • What is your competitors strategy?
  • What has worked for your competitors?
  • Are people asking for a specific type of content that competitors aren’t providing?

Segmentation (Targeting Pack)

  • Targeting packs are effortless to implement and allow you to use the files internally for multiple campaigns (where relevant and within a period). Alternatively, you can share them with the agencies you work with. Your target audience segments and unique affinities can be plugged into advertising platforms (essentially cut & paste).
  • Having the extracted audiences from above can also identify hidden audiences.
  • Additionally, we can use the extracts can to enhance look-a-like audiences
  • Lookalike audiences save a lot of time. Lookalikes work by finding the common denominator, excluding many valuable people. Including followers from competitors and people who are talking about the industry will create more varied lookalike audiences and expose the hidden audiences.
  • Here we have pulled audiences for Line of Duty to show you how easy it is to use the data on social platforms to boost your campaigns.
Line of Duty Audience on Excel

Segmentation and Targeting

To put this into context, we can see several clear segments. You can talk to these segments differently according to their interests.

For example, the segment that is a network of people interested in football would have a completely different tone of voice compared to the British police. On the other hand, you could tweet a meme to LADBible for the football segment. The football segment are an affinity, but this may not reach the British Police segment. Therefore, this shows the importance of segmenting the audience and having multiple creatives.

Targeted Affinity - Line of Duty gif

What next?

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