Social Media: When’s the best time to post?

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Many Social Media managers feel the strain of having lots to post with little time in the day. Scheduling content ahead of time can not only ease this strain but improve consistency across your channels. Additionally, this approach allows you to collect insights on customer behaviour such as:

  • The types of content they interact with the most
  • What time people are online
For many, choosing the best time to post is a guessing game. It is easy to assume there will be frantic scrolls on LinkedIn between 12-1 pm on a weekday due to many taking their lunch. Strictly, this is true; but isn’t everyone posting at that time? Also, if this is the only time you’re posting – of course, the system is going to tell you that you’re reaching the majority of people!

Adroit's Social Media Suggestions

Firstly, break out of your comfort zone. We are all afraid of posts not doing so well, however if you’re always posting at the same time – it’s likely that you’re not reaching any new audiences. Trial posting across different times of the day.

Next, you need a good reporting strategy (this is where we come in) to learn user behaviour and take advantage of this. Once we have gathered enough data, it is possible for us to come up with a dashboard that will inform you of the best times to post on your platforms.

Example Dashboard (Best time to post on Social Media)

That’s not all! Now that you know when your audience are going to be on Social Media– it is possible to tailor the content a bit more. Are you a food company? Great! You may find a large majority of your traffic come through in the evening, opposed to the morning so get some dinner inspo out there and ditch breakfast, for now. User behaviour is constantly changing, so we refine and refresh ours monthly; taking into account the type of campaign that was running too.

Best time to post on Social Media dashboard screenshot

So, what are you waiting for? Get posting when people are there

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