3 Ways Emojis Can Improve Content

Using “Freedom Day” emojis as an example

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What Are Emojis?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Emojis as a picture characters that are emotional indicators. Sources state, they arose in 1997 on Japanese mobiles but are now a significant part of todays’ western popular culture!

3 Reasons Emojis Can Improve Content

1. Eye Catching

Emojis can catch the eye of the reader in an otherwise full email/ messaging inbox or social feed. However, the Emoji should be relevant and represent the tone of your brand, or this could do more damage than good.

2. Enhace Emotional Content

Emojis can provide or enhance emotional context, which may not otherwise be acceptable in text. For example, we all know how it is socially unacceptable to curse, especially in corporate life. However, some brands would feel it’s acceptable to use 🤬 to symbolise anger to the point of cursing.

3. Increase Engagement

Emojis can increase the engagement of a user as it is a personalised approach. For example, a Search Engine Journal study on Emojis in subject lines showed click-through rates rose when the email’s subject line included an Emoji.

"Freedom Day" Emojis

Researching the Emojis used in conjunction with conversations mentioning your brand can tell you essential insights quickly without looking at a considerable amount of data. Skip through the raw results. Emoji clouds can be helpful for quick reporting as everyone can understand it, whereas a complicated chart may not be.

Take the example “Freedom Day”, we gained an insightful story from just looking at the Emojis people are using.

The Emojis surrounding “Freedom Day”, which refers to the day all restrictions end in the UK, are exciting and show a divide in the UK. 🙋‍♀️ signifies people using this emoji to show that they will wear masks beyond July the 19th. Whereas the 🙏🏼 symbolised the conversations around restrictions easing and no masks or other measured needed. There was also the 🤔 and 🤷‍♀️ , which showed the people who are just unsure altogether. 🤬 symbolised the public outrage when “Freedom Day” moved from June the 21st to July the 19th. We found people use 🚨 following government announcements as well as the person’s opinion of it.

Emojis for "Freedom Day"
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