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What Are Hashtags? Why Do We Use Them?

Hashtags are tags people use to make it easier for others to see this content as they believe the tag is relevant. Results show that hashtags increase post-performance as it is essentially using a label to help users find the content they desire. Additionally, businesses can use hashtags that their target audience follows and hashtags relevant to their brand to build rapport.


Use Trending Hashtags/Keywords to Improve Post-Performance

1. Increase Reach

Trending hashtags increase reach if they are relevant to your brand. You could also use trending hashtags and topics to inform newsjacking. Newsjacking is where you see a trending article and re-share the content or hashtags to ‘piggyback’ on the trend.

Here are the mentions of “Freedom Day” over the last 30-days:

We found that the peaks strongly correlated with the government announcements. There was also a peak in mentions on the old “Freedom Day”. The number of mentions of “Freedom Day” is huge, integrating this trending topic into your content can increase reach significantly. For instance, you could curate a post on how “Freedom Day” will affect your business or customers. Following trends and the trending topics and hashtags are essential. You can gain significant increases in post-performance by using trending topics leading to increased traffic to your website.

2. Increase Engagement

Consequently, as you reach more individuals with trending topics and hashtags, this allows for more engagement as more users see the content. The audience is likely to be interested in the tag as they have searched for or follow this content, therefore they are more likely to engage with it.

3. Stay Up-To-Date With Trends

Furthermore, by researching the top keywords and hashtags for your brand, competitor or industry, you can stay on top of how trends and public opinion are changing. In addition, top keywords can help inform content ideas/strategy- product or service which people need/ a solution. Is there a common problematic keyword arising with one of your product? Using an evidence-based approach to curating content and products is likely to be more successful as you know the demand is already there.

For example, if you were a make-up company and “lipstick won’t stay” appears in conjunction with your brand conversations, you could bring out a blog on how to increase the wear of the product or bring out a longer wearing version.

Lipstick GIF
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