Desperate to jump on a trend this year?

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Here's the pros & cons to "bandwagoning" off a trend

We’ve all seen a brand effortlessly jump onto a trend and win an applause from the public. Is it really as easy as spotting the trend and joining in? During the Euros, many brands including Specsavers and the Royal Mail hopped onto Social Media to share their ‘it’s coming home message’. Their support for the popular game was a hit amongst fans, which enhanced their reach as many shared the clever marketing.

It's coming home trend - Royal Mail
It's coming home trend - Specsavers

When brands ‘bandwagon’ off a trend, it shows a certain authority. Nonetheless, it is important to note that this doesn’t always go to plan. Simply jumping on a trend with the hopes of going viral isn’t a good enough reason to do so, apparently. In 2020, Pepsi took advantage of the Black Lives Matter movement and the widespread of content associated with this. The brand collaborated with huge celebrity influencer, Kendal Jenner. However, the advert was very distasteful and downplayed the cause of the BLM movement. Pepsi had a giant backlash as a result, as did Miss Jenner.

So what are we trying to say about trends?

Brands should be careful when following the trends. Not all trends are suitable for all brands. Something which works for one company, may be detrimental to another. Relevance must take priority over reach, always. It’s possible to gauge how your audience feel about certain subjects with the help of Social Listening. If the majority of your audience are female this doesn’t mean your brand should solely post about inequality and feminism, topics which are widely associated with females (if that’s not where your true intentions are). More than likely your brand values will match those of your audience unless you don’t really understand who you are targeting. In which case, you’ll need to get started with Audience Segmentation first.

What next?

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