Apple IOS 15 impact on email open rates

I am the Digital Director for Adroit Data & Insight, and as a digital marketeer, tracking and KPI’s are essential in most aspects of the work. So, I wanted to raise how the new security feature on Apple IOS 15 is likely to impact email open email rates with our information so far.

Nathan Digital Director
Nathan Shilton, Digital Director

What has changed?

ios 15

Apple last week released IOS 15 for the iPhone, which includes an optional security feature that makes tracking of emails sent to iPhone users using the Apple Mail app, problematic to say the least. This will also roll out onto Mac OS later this year!

Why does this matter?

Typical B2B audiences may be less impacted than B2C, so reviewing your data now will help determine the impact of this change. If you don’t know which browsers/ email clients your audience use, get in contact, we can assist you on your next campaign to determine the future impact.

This does also have other implications:

  • When running automated follow-up campaigns to non-openers, the follow up will never get sent to these IOS users.
  • There are other options for follow-ups, so don’t worry, we are happy to give some advice.
  • When cleansing the data, it will always look like IOS users are opening the email.
  • We still have options to cleanse the data, so do not panic; we can help you there too!

What should you do next?

This is a hurdle; as digital marketers, we should be aware of this. This further amplifies the message that OPENs are a vanity metric and that we should be relying on engagement as reliable KPI’s.

It would be wise to analyse your email platform audiences, particularly consumers, as this may well be more of an issue in this world. If you suddenly see increased open rates, then it may not be that the campaigns have become more successful.

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