Automated Email Campaigns – What and Why

Automated email campaigns refer to emails set up to be sent automatically to a user depending on the parameters, which is known as the workflow. Automated email campaigns can be part of your push towards automating marketing processes to save time, budget and resources. Automated emails create 320% additional revenue when compared to non-automated emails (Campaign Monitor, 2019).

Email Marketing can be time consuming

Most organisations will use email marketing to some degree. Those of us who are involved in email marketing know it can be time-consuming due to the various steps:
  • Creating assets, editing images to required size/ format according to the email specification & writing copy
  • Building the email creative, pulling in copy and images
  • Testing using inbox testing applications and tests to real inboxes, to check for rendering in different email clients
  • SPAM scoring
  • Domain authentication checks
  • Ensure view in browser and unsubscribe links exist
  • Apply descriptions to all image alt texts
  • Check for domain blacklisting
  • Amends to the email from stakeholders – all with varying opinions!
  • Creation of text version of email
  • Applying link tracking so that all links, even if to same URL are picked up as different CTAs, to enable tracking of each individual link
  • Checking that supplied links are live
  • Applying lead score categories/ scores to each link
  • Management of bounces and unsubscribes
  • A/B testing (subject lines, creative, copy, images)
  • Broadcast and post broadcast monitoring
  • Post campaign reporting
    • Feedback and summary of campaign results including reviewing GA if relevant and recommendations for future campaigns, if applicable.

How to set up automated Email Campaigns

We can automate email broadcast, which can reduce some of the above steps; let me tell you how!

We can do this in various ways depending on your goals; here, I will focus on automated workflows that allow you to react to customers’ behaviours immediately while they are engaged. The content is sent automatically, depending on the triggers set in place within the workflow. Workflows can be based on templates, custom-made and get modified at any point.

To put this into context, you can have a lead nurturing workflow where a potential customer will receive a welcome email upon opting in without you having to do anything manually. This ensures you’re communicating with your contacts whilst they are a warm lead. In addition, this builds rapport with the brand.

What else can I use workflows for?

Automation workflows can also include other forms of activity, including triggered notifications to sales staff, anniversary communications and event management.

Once the contact is opted-in and communicated with, we can use lead scoring to monitor the categories of content contacts engage with, giving us insight into what content to priorities for each audience member. For example, let’s say an article on training within your newsletter is scored under the category ‘training’. Next, we would set rules that determine the following action to reach certain score thresholds. This could include a category-based lead nurturing email series or a call from a salesperson etc. So, upon reaching a predetermined score, we could send them a series of emails about training to convert them to book onto training.

You can have the set of training emails signed off and put into the workflow. So, you can sit back and ensure all the users interested in training will receive this email without any need for going through all the steps.

Alternatives to lead scoring

You don’t have to use lead scoring. Other parameters can be used. At its simplest, if a person has opted in, they will be sent an email. If that person opens email 1, they will be sent email two and so on. However, we recommend lead scoring as it allows you to learn what the user is interested in to give them the content they want. Therefore, engagement is likely to be higher.

Having an automated email workflows setup allows you more time to focus on contacting the leads you are acquiring and nurturing!

Smarter Email Campaigns

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