Local Breweries: Influencers Revealed?

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It’s true – every brand, big and small, has influencers. Influencers range from ‘nano’ to ‘mega’. Influencer type is categorised from the number of followers they have. However, small accounts can have just as much impact as large ones if they have a loyal following of people who trust their opinion.

The hospitality industry has come through a challenging year so you could argue that people don’t really care who they’re buying from anymore as long as they can get the best deal. Since almost everyone has moved online, deals will be in consumers faces from every brand. Therefore, to help local breweries recover from these hardships, we have identified their top influencers, which can boost brand awareness and put their brand back at the top of the list.

How effective is Influencer Marketing?

Moreover, influencer Marketing is arguably more effective than any other method as well as being very budget friendly (dependant on the level of influencer). Due to the rise in clever consumerism, the public has a distaste for apparent ads. It’s important to consider that the hospitality industry wasn’t the only one hard-hit by the health crisis. Consequently, the economic crash changed buying habits, and word of mouth has become more critical.

Your target market is looking for authenticity, safety in sales and a long-term partner, right? So, who is better to sell that dream to them than your influencers?

Local Breweries, Influencers: Revealed

We chose the following breweries due to their proximity to our Cirencester offices.
• Corinium Ales
• Uley Brewery
• The Cotswold Brewing Company
• Stroud Brewery
• Cotswold gin

Influencers for local breweries


After researching our local breweries, we noticed a comment saying they “didn’t want companies to be like BrewDog”. This intrigued us and led us to have a look into the chat online around BrewDog, which brought about an interesting story!

We looked at conversations over the last 6 months that mentioned variations of the company “BrewDog”. Nearly 15% of the conversations mentioning BrewDog were categorised by AI as negative.

The biggest negative peaks in the net sentiment over time were between May and July 2021.

Brewdog sentiment over time

We isolated this time period and looked at the content which was contributing to negative sentiment.

One post was an open letter to BrewDog which went ‘viral’. Viral means the post had a high amount of engagement over a short period of time. You can see the spread form the graph below. This post racked up over 20 thousand engagements and potentially reached over 13 thousand timelines.

An open letter, to BrewDog

If you click on the image, it will take you to the tweet and be able to read the letter in full. In brief the letter outlines the problems in how the organisation treated their staff poorly and disregarding their claim to save the planet signed off by ex-BrewDog employees.

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What's next?

Now you have a basic understanding of influencer marketing and the data to help you get your brand out there; you just need to put collaboration in place.

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