My Internship with Adroit’s Digital Marketing Team

I recently completed an internship at Adroit Data & Insight during my summer holiday between sixth form and university. For six weeks, I became a part of the Digital Marketing Team. Despite me having no prior experience in this type of work or, for that matter, the workplace the team were very welcoming and helpful throughout my time at the company. They immediately put me at ease, making me feel comfortable within this new environment. My job was to assist the team (Nath, Raven and Chloe) with all things marketing related. Activities included: creating social posts, supporting with campaign development or general admin.

My first day as an intern

On the first day, I spent the majority of my time in meetings. The first meeting involved introducing myself to the team and the other one, looking at new ways of promoting data. This gave me an insight into Digital Marketing, which I had never experienced before. As my internship took place during the COVID-19 Pandemic, most of my interactions were via Microsoft Teams. However, on the second day, we went into the office, which is close to Cirencester. This was extremely interesting for me as they were introducing me to an office environment. At the office, I created a social post featured on Adroit’s social media platforms. There was also a meeting discussing which promotional ideas could get taken further and incorporating into the campaign planning.

My experience as an intern

During my six weeks there, I assisted the team as much as possible. They began to introduce software that I hadn’t used before, such as Microsoft excel. The team are all very generous with their time and helped me with any problems I faced. I also found the relationship between the team was so organic. The team created a sense of immediate comfortability team as morale was constantly high, hence the greater efficiency and output. The fact that I was able to help the team with a client by extracting data that was necessary for their campaign was a big moment during my internship as it showed a level of confidence from the team in me. Their confidence made me feel as though I had a positive contribution to the team. On top of all of this, I gained first-hand experience on how to work under pressure.

What I've learnt

I’ve learned a range of new skills from a personal aspect, such as; improving my communication skills from being involved in team meetings and improving my confidence, which is no doubt from being immersed in an environment that was very foreign to me. From a Digital Marketing basis, I have learnt how to navigate and use Spotler (Adroit’s email platform). The main takeaway from this internship is how it has improved my confidence and knowledge of working in an office environment. Furthermore, it has given me a glimpse into the world of Digital Marketing. All of which will help me moving onto university. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Thank you, Adroit.

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