5 Ways to Smash Social Media Marketing

1. Plan your Social content in advance

Digital Marketing Assistant Chloe finds it easier to block out lots of time to focus on writing content. Doing this allows her to brainstorm more freely without interruptions, as she often finds that once she has written one social post, more come to mind. In addition to letting the creative juices flow, planning ensures that you’re never without content that will increase your algorithm and, in turn, engagements. In short, planning will relieve some of the everyday stresses on Social Media managers.

2. Take advantage of 'National Days'

We have found that content that involves friendly faces and shows that the business is run by humans always perform better than other content. For example, getting your team engaged with Easter activities or coming together for a charity event is great content and brilliant for team building. On the same note, be careful not to go overboard with these types of posts – stay true to your brand message and authenticity.

3. Make your customers lives easier

Write content for humans! Recently brought out a product for new mums to make their lives easier? Address them in the first line of your post. For example, “recently become a new mum?”. This way, your audience will know who you’re addressing and stay to read more.

4. Include keywords in your Social posts

Keywords aren’t just for websites! Hashtags and keywords can be used to search within social platforms. For example, you may be a florist. Customers may be searching for specific flowers or items such as “peonies” or “watering can”. Include these keywords in your posts to reach wider audiences and increase the relevancy of your profile.

5. Write Social content for now

We use Social and Search Listening to help our clients create campaigns and posts for the perfect moments. For example, recently, Heat Pumps were trending, so we advised our client that it would be ideal for writing a blog post to increase their authority and give their customers a better understanding. However, as we were monitoring the trend, it quickly became sour. As we were tracking the changes in feelings towards the subject, we were able to tell our clients to proceed with caution and write posts reassuring their audience.

When jumping on a trend and writing content in the present moment, you have a higher chance of going viral and reaching newer audiences who may not have heard about your brand before.

If you need help getting into the swing of social media, get in touch!

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