What is Benchmarking?

Adroit overlay various data sources for organisations and their peers or competitors to help them compare and spot gaps in their strategy. Data sources include: donation data, sales data, Google Analytics, Search trends, and sentiment all in one place.

In broader terms, benchmarking is a process of measuring how well products, services and processes are working within an organisation and against competitors. Most commonly, benchmarking is estimated via quality, time, and costs.

How can Benchmarking be used to improve your Digital strategy?

We combine data from sales, donations, email results, web results, online monitoring, search insights and more. All the information is easily accessible and understandable in one place. This allows you to make critical decisions about your next move. For example, this will let you see if your website traffic influenced your income over a given period. Consequently, this can be tricky when looking at multiple platforms.

Moreover, those who benchmark can use this comparative information to spot shortfalls in their strategy. In addition, they can plan highly engaging campaigns that perform well every time.

Who is involved in the Adroit Global Fundraising study?

Adroit run the Global Fundraising Benchmarking study on behalf of the IFL Forum. Each year more than 20 markets and 100 participants share fundraising results and trends amongst the members.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting non-IFL Forum members to join the study. Please note that this is subject to the organisation size.

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