How to create a successful campaign in 5 steps

To see success in your marketing, you will need a campaign strategy to ensure you stay on track with measuring KPI’s and the critical message.

Where do I start with building a successful campaign?

Look at competitors

Before you do anything, we recommend looking at your competitors. This is to understand what is and is not working for them and spot any gaps in the market where you could step in. To do this, we use Online Monitoring, Social and Search Listening. These come together to build an idea of your audience’s likes and dislikes about your business and competitors.

Define your campaign goals

What is it that you want your customers to do? Whether you would like them to opt-in to your Email Marketing or complete a purchase on a website – you need to know what steps you want them to take and why, or they will not understand themselves.

Find/Understand your audiences

Moreover, you should always have your audience in mind when marketing any product or service. If you are not sure who you are targeting, it becomes unclear to your audience. If you are not sure who your target audience is, we can help! You can create marketing for specific demographics based on gender, age, location, profession, interests and more.

Campaign strategy

Furthermore, use Digital resources to plan the customer journey and identify the tools incorporated. Tools could include Social/Search Listening, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, website, etc.

It would be best to start planning the types of messages you would like to be putting out there to get potential customers interested in your services/products.

Reporting/Analysis after the campaign

Finally, once you have run your campaign, you should always look at how well it performed and conclude. For example, it may be that the campaign did not perform so well, so looking at the cause of this allows you to do better next time.

If you need assistance in any or all these steps, get in contact! We will tailor our services to any business.

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