Subject Line Best Practices

The subject line is the start of your user journey, so the importance of getting it right for your audience is crucial! So, what is the perfect subject line? We wish it could be that simple! The truth is the best subject lines are the ones that undergo continual testing every single campaign. What works one month for your audience may not work the next, so test and learn is always the best strategy.

However, here are some learnings we have found from the last year…

Super subject lines not so super?

Super subject lines are the words that come after the subject line when displayed in your email inbox. A benefit of this is that it gives you another opportunity to speak to your audience to entice them to open your email. For example, see how McDonald’s subject line has curiosity around a discount and adds a sense of urgency in the super subject line.

Mcdonald's subject line

However, some email clients don’t display them or give people the option not to show them as default. So, do not use this for important information as your audience may never see it.

Let's get personal

Digital Marketers always say you must personalise everything. As a result, many of us got into the habit of adding the person’s first name to the majority of subject lines to the point that it is less sincere as everyone is doing it all of the time. Hence, it loses that genuinely personalised feel. So, instead, opt for using the company name or location instead to vary the personalisation. Most importantly, test if personalisation does improve open rates for your audience!

Quickly read this!

We found that using a sense of urgency increased open rates, including deadlines fear of missing out. Therefore, we have used wording such as “Action Required” to create eagerness for the recipient to open the email.

Currect speeling

Have you ever opened an email with a typo in the subject line? Of course, that might have been on purpose; companies are using typos to entice readers to open the email even if it is out of curiosity. The content is then in front of the reader. Are you brave enough to try this one?

A/B split testing subject lines

The take-home message is test, test and test again as if you are A/B split testing the subject lines and sending the majority of the email to the email with the highest open rate; you are likely to have significantly higher available rates. Opened emails mean your audience sees the content you worked so hard on! Regular testing allows you to identify what your audience wants to create the best performing campaigns.

We hope these tips help you create great email campaigns! Need help improving your email performance? Get in contact! Email

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