What is a campaign strategy?

Before you start planning a campaign, you need a campaign strategy. A campaign strategy outlines these key things:

  • The goal and objective of the campaign
  • The target audience
  • The elements you’re going to include (Email, Social, Website, etc.)
  • The key messages

Planning a campaign can be a daunting task. For campaigns with lots of elements, you could describe it as “plate-spinning”. However, this is a crucial step of any campaign, or you will be marketing blindly, which could damage the success.

The importance of having a Digital campaign strategy

To successfully retain and acquire customers, you’ll need a clear campaign strategy to keep up with the ever-changing digital environment, set specific objectives and measure KPI’s. Setting a goal then working backwards allows you to see the whole picture and understand the user journey. For example, if you were a clothing brand wanting to launch a new product, your goal in the first instance would be to generate interest. Then working backwards, you’d need to identify who your target audience is and how you’re going to generate interest. Read our blog How to create a successful campaign in 5 steps to learn more.

Once you have a working campaign strategy, it becomes easier to replicate and refine for future campaigns. It also ensures that you are on track at all times.

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