How does Social Listening work?

Brands can use Social Listening to monitor the conversations surrounding their brand, products, services and competitors. Often discussions and mentions of a brand happen outside of social media, in news articles, podcasts, videos and blogs. In addition, it’s possible to monitor brand health, respond to comments or spot gaps in the market. Social Listening is a disturber in the Digital world.

How can Social Listening benefit your business?

If you’re not using Social Listening, you’ll be missing crucial hints about how to convert sales. For example, a business selling baby products may spot a gap in the market with Social Listening insights. Rather than struggling for reviews, Social Listening allows you to unlock a treasure chest of information candidly written about the products online.

Avoid potential crises

With a holistic view of the conversations involving your brand or products, you can see beyond the mentions on social media. Moreover, Social Listening technologies allow you to see and respond to any potential reputational damage in real-time before they develop and spread like wildfire.

On the flip side, you may see you’re getting more engagements than usual. Using Digital technologies, you can look for the reason behind it and build a strategy based on the knowledge.

Furthermore, in our experiences, some businesses (such as charities) that use more shocking and upsetting content achieve higher engagement and reach. Although this type of content typically comes with a negative sentiment, it’s not necessarily hurting a brand. These insights help tailor the tone of voice for specific campaigns.

Demographic data

Learn more about your audience. Knowing where your audience lives, what they do for a living, their interests, age, gender, and more allows you to create better-targeted campaigns. Knowing what’s most important to the people advocating your brand makes it easier to tailor the messaging and get them down the sales funnel quicker.

Find out what's trending with Social Listening

If you’re stuck for content curation or aren’t sure what hashtags to use, Social Listening solves this problem. The technology we use reveals the peaks and troughs in opinion surrounding specified subjects and all of the pieces of content that contributed to them. Moreover, it can reveal the hashtags and emojis used the most in conjunction with specific topics. These will add an extra edge to your content.

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