What was trending in 2021? Search Listening

Last year we published a blog (Add to basket. Search Listening 2020) that explored the top searches of 2020. This was at the peak of the pandemic for the UK, and toilet roll became a rare commodity. In short, we found that the top searches understandably related to the pandemic and delivery services were in high demand due to many not leaving their homes.

Search Listening identified the top 5 delivery services in 2021 as:

  • Afternoon Tea Delivery
  • Wine Delivery
  • Compost Delivery
  • Milk Delivery
  • Fruit and Veg Delivery

This blog will investigate what consumers are demanding since the easing of restrictions in the UK.

Search Listening identified the top 5 (rising) search queries in 2021 as:

  • Lateral flow test
  • Report covid test
  • Bloomovie.com
  • Covid vaccine
  • Euro 2020

Rising‘ describes the terms that had the most significant growth in volume during the period specified (01/01/2021-31/12/2021).

For many, these will be unsurprising, given that COVID was still peaking and the UK sees some of the most significant numbers in infections since it came around. Knowing this, many isolated in their homes, which explains the rise in searches for “bloomovie.com”, a free movie streaming platform.

Search Listening prevents the guessing games for brands who want to know what their audience is interested in and why. For example, it may be that during the period that Bloomovie.com was trending, Google AdWords were cheap, so they managed to leap to the top of the search. Knowing this, brands can decide how much to spend on ads and the best time.

Shopping (rising) search queries

Furthermore, to compare like for like, we’ve analysed the top 10 rising searches in the UK for shopping in 2021. The search queries included:

  • Black Friday 2021
  • Covid vaccine
  • DMX
  • Essentials hoodie
  • Bitcoin price USD

If you’re a fashionista, you’ll be aware of the Essentials brand making waves during 2021. Of course, since everyone was still spending most of their time indoors, there was little change in the demand for casual wear and “comfies”. However, in the high-end price range, the Essentials brand ticked all of the boxes for those looking to lounge about in something stylish yet comfortable.  

Brands can use the insights teased from Search Listening to inform their next product launch and watch the trends move in real-time.

What can you do with Search Listening and how can it help?

In conclusion, Search Listening allows you to get ahead of competitors and the shopping trends. If you know what your audience is looking for, there’s more to spend time and money on it. There are other uses too. For example, you could use Search Listening to get involved with your brand’s conversations online, curate content, and spot gaps in the market.

What do you think the top searches in 2022 will be?

Most definitely the crisis in Ukraine. The latest fashion trends and technology. This year, cookies are coming to the end of their time, so will there be many conversations about that? Sign up to our mailing list to never miss an update from us!

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