Brand Health Explained

What is a Brand Health study?

Brand Health looks at your brand holistically, showing where your strengths and weaknesses lie clearer. For instance, you may have high engagement, but this could be a result of negative comments. When marketers continually track brand health, you can see which campaigns and content worked well and understand how your consumers feel about you.

Why do you need to measure Brand Health?

Brand Health monitoring can show where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You may have a lot of mentions in online media, but less on Social Media. If this is the case you can repurpose the online articles into your own blogs and Social Media content. On the other hand, you may find that your Social Media audience aren’t very engaged with the content you’re putting out on your platforms. If you begin to understand what’s trending within your industry, then you can reflect more of this in your own content and hopefully drum up interest this way.

Where am I being mentioned?

The technologies Adroit use can spot your brand mentions on Social Media, online news, video, blogs and forums. This holistic view allows you to get involved in the conversation quickly, which is great for effective Crisis Management. For example, there may be an emerging news story about your brand or sector. Adroit are able to see whether the news story is swaying towards positive or negative. With Brand Health reviews, you can tailor your response!

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