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Championing the energy transition towards a zero-carbon economy, BAXI Heating is an award-winning supplier of smart heating and hot water solutions. Established in 1866 and renowned for its pride, passion and positivity, the company has built a tremendous reputation on the back of product reliability and innovation.


Every BAXI customer has a dedicated sales or business manager for one point of contact… and the business provides this support whether you are a homeowner, installer, contractor, new build developer, social housing provider, or specifier. BAXI operate some of the UK and Ireland’s most respected brands, including Remeha, Andrews Water Heaters and Potterton as well as BAXI itself. With 1,400+ employees and several manufacturing sites in the UK, the business is actively involved with designing the ‘future of heat’… new products that will lead to a zero-carbon future.

Key results

Due to the success of the conversion rate (from stagnant data), the client wanted us to continue hosting the automated nurture process for all new contacts to encourage signup to the new platform.

1 %
Increase in signup to Works
1 X
The number of training enquiries generated
1 X
Rise in the number of double-opt-ins

The Challenge

BAXI tasked adroit to review key direct marketing activities across its extensive brand portfolio to ensure GDPR compliance and refashion the existing customer marketing programmes. In addition, Adroit has the challenge of encouraging loyalty platform sign-ups, to increase training attendance and reactivate dormant members.

One of the campaigns under review was the multi-stage nurture programme used to introduce Installers to BAXI and promote sign-ups to the Works (loyalty) programme. Developing Installer relationships is critical as invariably they are the first point of contact with end-customers and responsible for most hot water and heating recommendations.
The challenge was to reshape the Nurture campaign to:
  • Convert historic CRM data to sign-up to the loyalty platform
  • Attract new installers to Works
  • Increase enquiries for BAXI Training
  • Increase download of the Toolbelt App
  • Engage new installers with the BAXI brand
  • Encourage ‘double-opt in’ to email communications to enable marketing to continue activity post-GDPR
  • Cleanse email data and increase the amount of sign-ups to the loyalty platform using legitimate interest data
  • Re-activate lapsed loyalty contacts

What We Did

Adroit work with BAXI to provide ongoing strategic analysis and marketing support for the business, managing the implementation of a best-of-breed digital marketing automation platform and delivering a data-driven approach to campaign development.

Utilising email as the primary channel, the Nurture programme was re-built around a double opt-in process, ensuring best-of-class GDPR compliance throughout. The marketing platform manages training & event signup forms, and the process allows for automated responses at each stage.

The number of installers in the Nurture programme was expanded, and a new multi-stage campaign structure helped facilitate a four-fold increase in the number of emails. This allowed Adroit to address different key topics and the diverse needs of Installers to be identified and addressed.

The campaign included A/B testing to appraise each communication’s messaging, format, and timing. All elements of the campaign response were analysed to optimise performance, providing an ongoing stream of learnings that have helped develop the programme.

All of the above processes were automated to reduce the need for further resource and manual work.

The programme generated 14.4X more ROI


In just three months, the new nurture programme had achieved significant results compared to the previous year.

The campaign caused a significant increase in the number of email communications that were possible. Additionally, there was a successful reactivation of hundreds of previously dormant/lapsed installers.

Additionally, due to the structured approach to the campaign and reporting, significant learnings were developed that have helped shape the optimal messaging, timing and frequency of future communications.

Adroit’s ongoing work with BAXI has extended over many years, always focussed on delivering high-quality business analysis, customer communications and innovative marketing automation solutions.

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