Campaign Monitoring Explained

How do you monitor a campaign?

Campaign Monitoring is the act of looking at the results from your campaigns. Try not to get caught up in all the figures, though. Usually, Marketeers look at these things:

  1. Clicks
  2. Impressions
  3. Engagements
  4. Click-through rate
  5. Engagement rate
  6. Cost per click
  7. Campaigns (which performed the best?)
  8. Hashtags
  9. Location
  10. Audience

How do you know if your Marketing is working if you're not Campaign Monitoring?

All of these things can be used to determine whether your marketing is working or not. Clever campaign monitoring can reveal how to improve your campaign and even inform Content Ideation in some cases. In addition to this, you should be looking at the comments on your posts. On the surface, many words look excellent, but they could all be negative, which is why you should have Crisis Management in place.

Why Campaign Monitoring is important for your brand

Campaign monitoring allows you to track your campaign in real-time and tweak content where needed. For example, an emerging market may need content to reflect. Equally, your campaign may not be taken as well as you had hoped so that you can intervene. Comparatively, could you use a better hashtag to be more effective?

Moreover, we can help you to observe customer purchase behaviour more intently and, in effect, persuade them down the marketing funnel. Additionally, we have access to various channels to track the conversation happening online. With this information, we can measure your campaign sentiment.

Don't have time to monitor your campaigns?