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Single Customer View and FastStats Platform


BMJ’s journal division publishes more than 60 titles of the world’s leading medical and allied science journals, which are accessed and read by medical professionals and organisations globally. In 2015 over 23.2 million unique users accessed these journals online with over 66.3 million pageviews. BMJ needed a state of the art analytics and campaign system to support the broadening and deepening of their long-standing relationships with large healthcare organisations, clinicians and medical professionals both in the UK and internationally.


Adroit developed a Single Customer View and FastStats system to enable contacting different audiences both individuals, academic institutions, and other organisations. The underlying BMJ data model is complex and so the communication with these different markets requires the integration of different data sources to a complex base of business rules, linking email communication & response history and web information as well as external industry data. An integration with the Adestra ESP platform has been developed.


The result of the data management and SQL layer, is that the FastStats design can pull through the appropriate entities and their related information to support marketing communication programmes, including triggered and behavioural uses. The production system is hosted in a Class 1 data centre and can be accessed by users globally with customisable access and security controls.

Technologies Used


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