Contact Base Explained

Contact Base Meaning

In the Marketing world, your contact base are the people who have actively selected to receive your content directly. It’s important to note that you must disclose what you’re planning on sending before they selectively opt-in. In addition, although it’s not what we want, you must provide them with the option to ‘unsubscribe’.

Why do I need to build a Contact Base?

Marketeers need a contact base to be able to send our marketing communications such as offers, newsletters, and updates. If you don’t have a way to contact your customers, it is difficult to build customer loyalty and collect feedback.

You cannot legally send marketing communications to anyone who hasn’t previously actively opted-in to receive your communications, under the GDPR compliance law.

How do I grow?

Build up your email list by putting forms on your website, getting feedback during events and presentations, and asking people to actively opt in via pop-up forms, etc.

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