Crisis Management Explained

What is Crisis Management?

Crisis Management is the practice of stopping emerging reputation dilemmas before it gets out of hand. Therefore, this practice ensures that all online conversations are monitored and responded to quickly and correctly.

Why is Crisis Management critical?

Unfortunately, every brand will come up against some sort of crisis. Whether it’s big or small, crises can be detrimental to a brand and ruin reputation instantly.


How does Crisis Management work?

Moreover, a couple of bad comments on a post, questioning the authenticity of it or something contentious could quickly blow up online. Even if only a small portion of your audience see the drama unfolding in your social media comments, this could sway their opinion and influence them to buy elsewhere in the future.

Your entire team should be ready to respond at any time. It is possible to monitor a holistic view of your brand using Adroit’s Social and Search Listening tools – so that you can spot when a crisis might happen.

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