CTA (Call to Action) Explained

What is a CTA in Marketing terms?

A CTA (Call To Action) is the action you want your user to take. This can be used in all forms of campaigns, such as Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing, whereby you will add something in the text asking the user to take action valuable to your business. More likely than not, this will be to sign up for something or make a purchase. However, you must tread carefully using these within your Email subject lines as it could trigger it as junk.

An example of a Call To Action (CTA)

The below “Contact Us” box is an example of a CTA. We recommend that you only use one CTA per Email, Social post, and website material so your customer knows exactly what you want to do and why. Including more than one could confuse the customer and lead to no clicks. We have outlined this better in our BAXI Case Study, where we tested variations of call to action numbers in Email.

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