Digital Benchmarking

Digital has grown to be a hugely significant channel for many organisations. However, information and metrics needed to understand and develop your digital marketing rarely resides in one place. We help organisations consolidate their key metrics and benchmark themselves against a range of digital KPIs in one report.

We will collect and load data in a variety of ways, and from multiple sources to form a digital benchmark. The combination of data sources will enable you to make evidence-based decisions for future digital content ideation and campaign strategy. Additionally, all of this will help you to understand digital attribution, for your Brand Health, Conversational Intelligence and Competitive Analysis. Depending on which organisations participate you will be able to view the similarities and differences between organisation authored and non-organisation authored key metrics.

Deal With Any Upcoming Challenges

People have unpredictable behaviour, so you cannot always foresee a crisis within your brand or industry. Continued tracking ensures you are one step ahead of your competitors in responding to potential crises, however minor or major they are. Tracking sentiment over time allows you to pinpoint exactly where your brand is being talked about positively/negatively. If there appears to be a significant peak in positive/negative content, it is possible for us to drilldown on the time period and identify what caused this.

Digital Benchmarking Data Sources

Screenshot of a dashboard comparing social media results

In the Not for Profit Sector,  digital giving continues to grow, and therefore online monitoring is becoming increasingly important. A Digital Marketing benchmark allows users to compare a range of data sources in one platform. These can include:

  • Self-reported data, for example: sales data, digital ads, email results
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Listening (authored content and non-authored/audience-led content)
  • Online Monitoring
  • Search Insights

Digital Benchmarking Deliverables

Typically you will receive the following metrics:

  • Social Media KPIs, such as number of followers, mentions, engagements and reach
  • Results over time showing the positive and negative peaks in sentiment as well as year on year measures
  • Audience insights such as demographics
  • Key topics and hashtags

The interactive reporting application will allow you to drill-down into areas by Market, Organisation, and explore trends over time.

You can also benchmark against competitors, and identify digital trends for your organisation which could help drive the direction of future campaigns/activity.

Digital insights not only help to boost your future and existing campaigns, but they can optimise and improve your digital spend.

Screenshot of PowerBI tool showing sentiment of content over time

What can we monitor online?

We can track, report on and measure the impact of your communications by deploying and incorporating social and search technology including:
  • Text analytics
  • Image/logo recognition
  • Coverage in 187 languages across 196 countries
  • 150+ Million sources
  • 850K News websites
  • 20+ Social channels, instant messaging apps, review and streaming sites
  • 13 months historical data for quick access to insights
  • Search Insights (Google, YouTube, Amazon etc…)
  • Insights on Audience Segments
Social Listening Emojis

Why is any of this relevant to my organisation?

You may already have the ability to review your organisations social presence using social network metrics. Whilst this can be useful excluding your own organisation-authored content is important to understand what is being said about your organisation or brand. Audience-led content is more trusted and authentic and knowing when your brand is mentioned by people that are not led by you is very important. If it is positive you could use this in future campaign strategy, if it is negative you may need to intervene e.g. Fake News.

We are able to separate out audience-led content and reveal what is external.