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Dyrham Park has the potential to reach 1.3B accounts with its online content. We have put together an initial sentiment review to showcase how vital monitoring brand health is. To do this, we look at the peaks and troughs in public opinion. With this information, we can track which (positive or negative feelings) impact sales and conversations online.

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The graph explained

The above graph portrays the changes in sentiment over time. Sentiment describes the feelings of users online towards content posted by Dyrham Park. We used the keywords “Dyrham Park”, and official social media handles to listen to what people are saying online. The technology we use is clever enough to understand the difference between ‘sick’ meaning unwell, or ‘sick’ meaning great. This information can be used to build better campaigns, intervene in a crisis and monitor the trends happening within the industry amongst competitor tracking.

Positive Sentiment

Firstly, one of the positive peaks derived from a tweet that stated, “One of my favourite places even before #Sanditon bring back Lady Denham to @NTDyrhamPark so we can finish the story #sandition #savesandition #SanditonPBS #ITV”. This tweet showcases the importance of user-generated content, which authentically persuades account followers to experience Dyrham Park, especially if they are a fan of Sandition. Furthermore, the hashtags used in this Tweet would have put it in front of fans of the show, which is great exposure for Dyrham Park.

Using our Digital Research tools, we can reveal the hashtags that could be used to enhance your content exposure. In current times, hashtags are used much like a search engine – whereby a user may flick through hashtags relevant to their interests. For example, looking for great walks may type the hashtag #countrywalks into their preferred social platform. Accordingly, all of the results, including the hashtag, would come up.

How are you currently using hashtags?

Negative Sentiment

Furthermore, our research into Dyrham Park shows a dip in sentiment, caused by a BBC news article headlined “Bovine TB leads to Dyrham Park deer herd being culled”. Although this is not a negative sentiment toward Dyrham Park itself, the context of the article is distressing for the BBC’s audience. It’s important to stay on top of what is being said about your brand online, and get involved in the conversation. In this example, we hope that Dyrham Park responded showing that they are aware of the issue.

In the same note, not all negative content is detrimental. As the article was written by a trustworthy source, the BBC there would have been a lot of exposure for Dyrham Park, which could have increased interest and donations.

Key Takeaways

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