Email Marketing Explained

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing involves sending messages out to audiences who have opted-in to receive your content. Email allows for a more personal note than the website or social media content and adapt it for each person. It is possible to promote your products, services, send out information and increase customer loyalty.

What is the purpose of Email Marketing?

Consequently, in order to build customer loyalty, you can start by sending business updates, receipts and vouchers. It’s important to Email your customers to stay in contact with them. Sometimes someone may sign up to your mailing list without purchasing anything, so this is the place where you can remind them of your offering.

What is the importance?

Furthermore, anyone who has Opted-In to receive your communications can receive your Emails. You may want to segment your mailing list to send the most relevant content to the correct contacts. For example, some of your contacts may be interested in receiving information about Data, whereas the others work in Digital Marketing. Therefore, by segmenting your Contact Base you are able to send personalised Emails.

Email Marketing can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. At Adroit, we offer a service allowing you to automate Emails. This means that you could send a customer a welcome Email as soon as they opt in. On the other hand, you can send customers Emails based on what their interests are.

Lastly, Email happens on a variety of platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and more.

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