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Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham, though small has the potential to reach a large audience (2445M). To try and help smaller businesses, local to our Cirencester offices we have performed an initial sentiment review that looks into the positive and negative sentiment surrounding brands and how this could influence content curation, crisis management and more.

Everyman Theatre Cheltenham Potential Reach
Everyman Theatre Cheltenham Mentions
Everyman Theatre Cheltenham Sentiment Review Graph

The graph explained

The above graph portrays the changes in sentiment over time. Sentiment describes the feelings of users online towards content posted by Everyman Theatre. We used the keywords “Everyman Theatre” and official social media handles to listen to what people were saying online. The technology we use is clever enough to understand the difference between ‘sick’ meaning unwell or ‘sick’ meaning great. Therefore, this information can be used to build better campaigns, intervene in a crisis and monitor the trends happening within the industry amongst competitor tracking.

Positive Sentiment

One of the positive peaks we have picked up on includes a tweet from a verified account @MatthewBourne. Moreover, accounts that are verified could be assumed to have more influence over their audiences, which means more people are likely to trust what they’re saying. Accordingly, if you would like to use Influencers to promote your brand, we can help to identify them. Using influencers for your brand amplify content, increase authority and build a community around your products/services. What’s not to love?

Negative Sentiment

Although there are troughs in Everyman Theatre’s sentiment, this is not due to negative comments; this represents quieter periods where people mention the brand a few times. Showing new and existing customers how positively people are speaking about could encourage more people to leave reviews, boosting brand authority and awareness.

Furthermore, despite nothing negative about the brand in the present moment, Brand Health must be monitored consistently to avoid any potential crises that could damage the Theatre’s reputation. In addition, Brand Health allows for a holistic view of what people are saying online, meaning it is easy to engage with your audience and keep on top of the current trends.

Key Takeaways

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