Free Excel based project planner

Free Excel based project plannerexcel based project planner

Project planning can be really very difficult if, like me, you find Gantt charts too complex and unnecessary. There is an absolute place for them, certainly the more sophisticated and elongated projects demand them; but for simpler projects spanning weeks or several months at most, they can become quite unwieldy. Hence why we here at Adroit Data & Insight have developed a very simple project planner, that we would be delighted to deliver for free to any of our lovely clients. It’s a self-contained Excel file, nothing fancy is needed to install it, other than to turn Macros on. The main version we use is based around weeks, and allows any number of tasks to be allocated across 0-52 weeks. Individual tasks can be allocated to Phases, and a summary sheet shows how long each Phase will take, when its expected completion date is, and how much of it has been completed. % Completed can be shown against each task, and further tasks can be added to the list. Revisions to the original timetable can also be incorporated, although that never happens, does it….. And a highlight marker shows where the project is at any point in time.

excel based project planner summary

To get your free copy of this very simple but very amazing planning tool, Contact Us saying “I’m a client and I’d like a free copy of the Adroit Project Planner”, and we’d be delighted to whizz a copy over to you.