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GDPR Strategy Report

If your organisation holds personal data of any kind, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will impact your business. Understanding the new regulation and how prepared your company is for it should be a priority within your business.

With significant fines on the horizon for offenders, 4% of profit or you need to be prepared and ensure processes are in place before 25th May 2018.

Following the GDPR audit, Adroit will recommend a full GDPR strategy report is undertaken.

Purpose of the Report

This report takes the findings from the GDPR Audit and identifies where the gaps are and what your priorities for an action plan should be.

GDPR Strategy Report Deliverables

The basis of GDPR Strategy Report will be dependent on the findings of the audit but an example of the areas that will be covered are;

  • Privacy Statements
  • Review Opt-in Wording
  • Collection of Data and locations
  • Policies and 3rd Party Data
  • Types of Data held
  • Identifying Data that is not collected or held
  • Contactable base now and when May 2018 arrives
  • What can be done now to ensure minimal impact to the contactable base
  • Campaign planning for GDPR Readiness

How the above is delivered

  • A presentation of our findings back to the client, including Q&A
  • A report outlining the key areas of action required
  • Recommendations for future proofing

Final conclusion section with suggested next steps to be used as a guide


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