Hashtags Explained

What is a Hashtags and how do you use it?

Hashtags are used the same way as a Google Search on Social Media platforms. For example, a user may type in #homewear to find the latest trends on Instagram and even shop through the results. Moreover, these clever tags serve as an indication that a piece of content is relevant to a specific topic or theme. Brands can use these to create brand awareness where user-generated content all lives in one place.

How to find the best Hashtags for your brand?

Furthermore, Hashtag research can be time consuming and not bring back much luck. Adroit use the most up-to-date technologies to search within sectors, topics and questions to find the most used and relatable. In some cases it might be useful to create one for your brand. For example, if Adroit were running a Social Media webinar, the most applicable would be #AdroitSocialMediaWebinar21. Consequently, creating bespoke Hashtags allows your audience to become part of a community, and who knows – this could go viral!

What Adroit do

Adroit upkeep a bank, which is used to compile the least-most followed within a certain subject. On Instagram it is recommended that you use up to 30 Hashtags, relevant to the post. We recommend you use 3 for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Need help researching the best Hashtags for your brand?

We can help!