Why are SMS Campaigns Important?

The below figures showcase a strong advocacy for SMS Campaigns:

  • Over 90% open rates
  • 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes
  • Trackable links
  • Cost-effective setup
  • A personal, less cluttered inbox
  • Generate leads via branded keyword and shortcodes
  • SMS surveys get over 30% response rate
  • No SPAM filters to contend with
S with phone and message behind it
M with phone and message behind it
S with phone and message behind it

Mobile Marketing/SMS Campaigns

Moreover, SMS services are a great way to grab your customers attention straight away.  For example, it is quite common that mobiles are set to have an alert or vibration on, so your text will deliver campaign immediacy right in the pocket.

What are the pros of SMS Campaigns?

So do you have an important message to send? Need to notify your colleagues about something immediately? Get started with SMS Campaigns today! It is possible to integrate SMS Campaigns with other platforms in order to learn more about your customers and in turn, increase customer engagement.

4 Ways Your Business Could Utilise SMS

Firstly, are your customers still interested in your services? Send your customers a personalised message in an SMS Campaign to remind them of your presence.

We all need to do our bit for the planet, right? Send your marketing message virtually opposed utilising paper. This method is more likely to be noticed.

Furthermore, offering discounts to those who have recently interacted with your business is a fantastic way to build up customer loyalty, to increase the chances of them coming back again.

Finally, has someone recently bought from your business? Capture their thoughts through the form of a survey on a text. A few simple questions in the form of a scale could help you improve future services. Additionally, it is possible to treat those who complete the surveys as a form of ‘influencer’ for your brand. More on Influencer Marketing