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Digital Research Services

Digital Research Services

What is Digital Research?

Digital research is the process of collecting valuable online data in a market. As a result, it enables a digital research company to analyse an online presence in real time to build a relevant marketing strategy for a business.

The role of a Digital Research Company

Social media marketing has raised significantly in the past decade and is still growing. As a result, market research is simpler and more efficient than it has ever been. Social listening technologies can provide a cost-effective route to profiling your online audiences –potentially far more cost-effectively than traditional research. The big growth area has been in digital because the data and analytics are smarter and cost efficient. Digital research is now allowing companies understand consumers on a more personal level than generic demographic traits.

Social Listening

We use social listening to monitor digital conversations and understand customers. Likewise, we analyse the online discussion about a brand or an industry online. We also measure and optimise your channels performance and benchmark against competitors in your industry. Get a complete view of your audience and stay ahead of any trend. We can discover digital tribes of your online segment identity. We use artificial intelligence to measure social media presence, trends and get a complete view of desired targeted audience.

Our Social Listening Services include:

  • Overview of your online presence.
  • Build highly targeted audiences.
  • Identify influencers and media consumption.
  • Optimise the targeting of advertising campaigns.
  • Personalise campaign messaging according to each audience or segment.
  • Obtain insights such as demographics, interests, online habits & purchasing behaviour.
  • Find your true audience, connect the dots between topics of interest and discover relevant influencers.
  • See how trending topics begin, and how they spread around the world, from country to country, in real time and historically

Online Competitor Analysis

Marketing analysis is not just about studying consumer data related to one’s target group of audience. It also includes getting to know your competitors as well as understanding their marketing strategies. While ongoing market research takes care of the offline part, the social media activity of competitors gives a fair idea about their digital approach. Therefore, digital marketers need to track their rivals’ moves. They can then collect valuable insights and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their own strategy by making a comparison.

Our Online Competitor Analysis services include:

  • Observe what your competitors are doing.
  • Find out your competitor strengths and weaknesses and Improve your rankings in search engines.
  • Spy on your competitors’ digital strategy.
  • Find the keywords your competitors are paying for.
  • Measure and optimise your channels performance and benchmark against competitors and the industry.


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