Digital Research

Tackle new online research challenges efficiently with the use of Digital Technologies

The role of Digital Research

Public opinions can change in a matter of minutes. As a result, traditional research can be outdated by the time it is published. Real-time dashboards and Digital Research can prove more resourceful for your next marketing move and are potentially more cost-effective.

Traditional panel research has benefits, although many businesses are using the latest research methods to stay ahead of the game. In short, using online data for a quicker and accessible understanding to answer burning questions. Our experts have access to many contemporary digital research tools including Social Listening, Audience Intelligence Analysis, Search Insights. By using a combination of data sources we can provide comprehensive insights which can help inform your strategy and content.

Digital Research Services

Content Ideation

Identify relevant trending topics for your target and potential audiences.

Campaign Monitoring

Monitor the success of your campaigns in real-time to enable you to tailor content and responses

Brand Health

Evaluate social and online content to measure how effectively your brand achieved its goals

Competitor Analysis

Benchmark your company against existing and potential competitors to identify opportunities and threats

Crisis Management

Track relevant online signals to trigger early warning signs. This can be based on shifts in opinion, allowing intervention

Influencer Marketing

Identify authentic influencers your known audience trust. Use them to amplify your content to reach potential future followers

Audience Intelligence

Utilise social and psychometric data on your existing and potential audiences. This includes (not exclusively): demographics, interests, personality, purchasing behaviour, online & offline usage. You can use this data to discover actionable insights and advise your marketing strategies

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