What is Brand Health?

Ultimately, brand health is a measurement of how effective your brand is at meeting your goals. It can be known as brand reputation, positioning, awareness amongst other names. Brand health packages can range in terms of metrics, topics and tools to scale to your business so it is a versatile service.

Why is it important?

Every part of brand health has importance but looking at the brand holistically can show where your strengths and weaknesses are more clearly. For instance, you may have high engagement, but this could be a result of negative comments so this metric can be misleading without sentiment.
By continually tracking brand health, you will be able to see which campaigns and what content worked well as opposed to ones that didn’t work so well.

Measuring Brand Health

There is no ‘one stop solution’ with brand health measurement but we have a range of technologies and expertise to give you the most comprehensive picture. Firstly, we will liaise with your team to work out which topics/images are important to track, what external/internal data to include and which metrics are most important.

Social Listening and Online Research

Social listening tools give a vast amount of insight into your brand in a magnitude of ways and you can compare the metrics amongst many sources.

Metric Examples:

Source Examples:

Are your employees advocates for your brand? We can see who is spreading the good word.


You may want to ask your consumers specific or in-depth questions; we can create a survey for you and drive consumers to it in a variety of ways.
For instance, we could have a web-capture on a certain webpage which asks the consumer whether they trust/like/dislike your organisation/ product/ service and why.

Search Listening

Social Listening can provide great insights, but this can be combined with Search Listening to create the most well-rounded view. This can be more or less important dependant on your business type.

To put this into context, someone may share the perfect picture of their new-born on Instagram while searching for ‘baby vomiting’. By looking at both, we can have a balanced picture.

We can measure search insights by looking at:

  • Related Searches
  • Search Suggestions

External Data

You may want to visualise your data alongside key industry data or socioeconomic data. For instance, weather could be an important component for your sales.

Internal Data

You may want to include some internal data sets, for instance, sales revenue could be important to view alongside your health measurements to see the effects of certain aspects. It may also be relevant to include some Google Analytics data dependant on your goals (this will be a read-only view).

Brand Health Reporting

Now we have a range of metrics, how will you want to visualise your data? We can offer a range of visualisations from reports, tables and dashboards.

Here is a snapshot of an example dashboard:

Next steps?

Contact us to discuss your Brand Health needs DigitalResearch@adroitinsight.com