Why Campaign Monitoring is important for your brand

Campaign monitoring allows you to track your campaign in real-time and tweak content where needed. For example, an emerging market may need content to reflect. Equally, your campaign may not be taken as well as you had hoped so that you can intervene. Comparatively, could you use a better hashtag to be more effective?

This being said, don’t be deceived by the top-level statistics! High engagements look great on the surface; however, this could result from negative comments. You should measure the effectiveness of your campaigns to influence future marketing decisions. Blindly setting up campaigns could cost you.

We can help you to observe customer purchase behaviour more intently and, in effect, persuade them down the marketing funnel. Additionally, we have access to various channels to track the conversation happening online. With this information, we can measure your campaign sentiment.

Campaign Monitoring


One of the most critical aspects of Campaign Monitoring is checking the results. Top results can rank in multiple ways, including potential reach, engagement and trend score. These could include filters by source or demographics.

Results example for campaign monitoring

Trending Hashtags #

Trending hashtag pie chart example

Subsequently, it is possible to look into the types of hashtags that are being used to describe your brand when Campaign Monitoring. Moreover, future content can be built to broaden your reach and target audiences who are already using hashtags.

Location Tracking in Campaign Monitoring

Consequently, where is your content being shared? You may want to look into the location of this. It is good to gain an idea about how online mentions are spreading. Is there a region or country that has a more negative sentiment?

Do you need to tailor a message for a different dialect or language to be more effective?

Map of the USA

Avoid Potentially Offensive Mishaps

A translation or cultural mishap can cause a significant crisis and needs planning before implementation. Along with this, prepare the correct response so that you’re ready should this occur. Responses to social posts should be tailored to the culture, language and dialect. Our example is from the film Riley.

“Riley refuses to eat broccoli didn’t make sense to Japanese viewers as kids there adore veggies. So, for Japan, the broccoli was replaced with green peppers.” Source: www. Brightside.me

Scene from Riley - USA and Japan interpretations of the image
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