How does Competitor Analysis benefit your business?

Prepare your next move by tracking how well your competitors are doing with Competitor Analysis.

What do your customers engage and resonate with the most? Competitor Analysis strategies can help you improve your marketing and spot gaps in the market where your business is currently doing something your competitors aren’t.

Consumer Behaviour

Moreover, we are able to track the way your customers behave, such as:

  • How many users have credit cards that are used for shopping
  • Who in your audience is most likely to respond to marketing campaigns
  • The audiences that are more likely to indulge in a spur of the moment purchase
Phone with likes and love icons surrounding - - competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis (Share of Voice)

Furthermore, when we define your audience, we are also able to analyse your companies competitors using the following:

  • The segments identified. E.g. Age, gender, country and interests
  • The psychology and personality of your customers
  • The affinity markets

Competitor Intelligence (share of voice)

What do your competitors do better than you online? Where are there shortfalls where you can step in?

Adroit can track your competitors and see their online strategy. Additionally, we can track a relevant topic to see how they respond to it and what worked well. All of these methods give you the most successful responses.

Line graph showing competitor results over time - - competitor analysis
Sentiment bar chart - competitor analysis

Share of voice by location

It’s possible to look at the location map to see where people are talking about your brand, and how frequently. In some cases, this can help businesses understand whether they need to translate more or less of their content, as well as understanding potential reach.