How could Content Ideation help inform your marketing decisions?

Improve the success of your content by understanding your audience.
Content Ideation allows you to deliver the right content at the right time on the right channel.
We are able to compile all of the relevant topics for your brand and target audience and build on:

Gain an understanding of what your audience are searching for and how to rank highly in their listings.

Are your competition doing something better than you? You could take inspiration from how users are engaging with their content. On the other hand, you may find you have a better knowledge of the market’s wants and needs and therefore be able to take over.

What are your audience talking about online? How can you join in the conversation and offer your services?

How Digital Research can inform Content Ideation

We could use Digital Research to see what is trending in relevance to your brand and services and suggest ways to use your campaign strategies. This can be in a variety of ways; here are some examples:

  • Uncovering themes and hashtags to increase engagement & reach
  • Creating content with trends to increase engagement & reach
  • Informing product design or changes to services to improve support and, in turn, sales.

Moreover, using Digital Research for your campaign strategy ensures that the decisions you make are evidence-based which can improve relationships with stakeholders and the success of the campaign. This method is also very versatile and can be adapted to different outcomes and business size.


Furthermore, with Content Ideation, it is essential to understand who is talking about you both negatively and positively. It is vital to understand different groups of people. This knowledge can help to target messages to different audiences and find influencers for the audience. For example: sending news stories to journalists. Create content for your audience.

Virality: Identifying trending/viral content

Virality displays the spread of the negative content and where it started. The virality map below shows how quickly content can spread. As you can see, the faster content spreads, the more people engage with it. Wide spread leads to it ‘trending’. This can help you intervene at the primary source. Consequently, when you select the right content for your audience, it has the potential to spread further. Therefore, Content Ideation aims to be engaging.

Trending Articles - Content Ideation

Finally, you can use trending article information for re-sharing content and adding information where needed. You can also clarify misinformation.

To put this into context, if your target audience trust the BBC and the BBC has a trending article, you could share it to show your target audience. You can also recognise the BBC trending article to build rapport.

Trending COVID articles on Social Media in 2020
We have explored the changes within the non-profit sector, since the pandemic introduced a scramble for Digital skills in order to keep businesses ahead of their competitors.