Marketeers are interested by influencer marketing for very good reason. Influencers can prove to be a very cost-effective way to amplify campaigns. Evidently, influencers ‘influence’ but there are actually many different types of influencers ranging from nano-influencers to mega-influencer. Each has pros and cons and differnces in budget.

What is influencer marketing?

Identify authentic influencers who your known audience trust so they can amplify your content to improve reach, engagement and followers.

Use influencers to meet your marketing goals…

How can we help you?

Research is a key part of influencer marketing and recognising ‘who’ fits your brand’s ethos the best. An influencer is more than a ‘celebrity’, this is the age of authenticity so investment in the research process is key.


We can create topic-level searches to understand what people are talking about and what hashtags are being used at a point in time or in relation to your organisation or industry.

Identify Influencers

Using relevant hashtags, topics, industry or brand searches, we can then find authentic influencers. We can use social platforms to see who is influencing the platform for your brand. We can find influencer for varied demographics depending on the clients need.


We can create and implement surveys on your website/social platform to ask your service users who they trust. This can complement the online research to ensure you are spending your budget effectively.

Our holistic approach incorporates multiple technologies in finding the most suitable influencers for you within your budget.

Next steps?

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